TEA’s Review of Candidate Platforms

The race for Mayor of Toronto is heating up, with advance voting opening on June 8th, and election day on June 26th. You deserve to know where leading candidates stand on the issues you care about to make an informed decision. With a crowded field of candidates and so little time, TEA is here to help! 

We reviewed candidates’ commitments against TEA’s top platform priorities in our 3 key areas:

Climate Action: Reducing Carbon Emissions

  • Have they committed to dedicated climate plan funding?
  • Will they expand green building programs that also create affordable housing?
  • Have they committed to transitioning away from fossil gas?
  • What commitments have they made to improving TTC service?
  • How will they improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure?

Climate Resilience and Green Spaces

  • Have they proposed steps to keep all residents safe during extreme weather like heatwaves and floods?
  • How will they improve and maintain Toronto’s green spaces?
  • Will they make polluters pay for stormwater reduction and flood-proofing projects?

Reducing Waste: Building a Circular Economy

  • How will they support waste reduction and eliminating unnecessary single-use items?

TEA’s 2023 mayoral election priorities can be found in full here. 

How did we choose candidates to review?

We’ve done an in-depth review of candidates who have appeared in multiple polls above 5%: Ana Bailao, Brad Bradford, Olivia Chow, Anthony Furey, Mitzie Hunter, Josh Matlow, Mark Saunders. We’ve also included a few other notable candidates in our quicker review, including those who have previously held political office or have run for mayor and achieved top 3 status. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order above.

About our Review

This review was limited to current publicly accessible campaign content. It included publicly accessible content from candidates’ official website and media releases, and information from Toronto Star’s candidate promise tracker which contained commitments on climate change mitigation, some of which are not found in many candidates’ websites, and from CBC's platform comparison tool