On October 24, Toronto residents will elect a Mayor and City Council who will hold power at City Hall during a critical window for climate and environmental action. We need a Council of environmental champions who will push forward bold solutions to create a greener city for all. The Toronto Environmental Alliance’s 2022 Greener City For All Platform outlines an agenda for next Council term. (Read the full platform).

With the Greener City For All Candidate Pledge, we’re asking City Council and Mayoral candidates to pledge to support four key actions if elected. These are priority areas that will create a more sustainable, liveable and climate-safe city for all.

We’ll use the results of this pledge to inform voters about which of their local candidates have committed to these actions and to hold City Council accountable in the next term.  TEA is non-partisan and will not endorse any candidates running in the 2022 municipal election.  

The results of the pledge will be published online on the week of October 5th. Candidates are asked to respond by October 1st to be included in the online results.