Each candidate’s public commitments have been reviewed against TEA’s top platform priorities in our 3 key areas: climate action, climate resilience, and reducing waste. TEA’s 2023 mayoral election priorities can be found in full here.



Have they committed to dedicated climate plan funding, to back up their climate action promises at budget time?

  • Committed to fully fund TransformTO, but no additional/dedicated funding source identified for climate action
  • Since she has provide a plan to increase revenue from property taxes increased funding to fully implement TransformTO could come from property taxes

Have they committed to green building programs that also create affordable housing?

  • Affordable housing plan includes commitment to “ensure green building best-practices will be applied in every development”, including solar-panels and energy conservation heating and cooling to help reduce the construction and operating carbon footprint of every building.”

Have they committed to a transition away from fossil gas?

  • (see above)

What commitments have they made to improving TTC service?

  • Committed to reversing TTC cuts and fully funding TTC operational costs
  • Committed to reverse TTC fare hikes
  • Free service for seniors and WheelTrans users
  • Full funding of dedicated busway to replace Scarborough RT until subway extension is built
  • Wants to build Eglinton East LRT extension to UofT Scarborough and Malvern
  • Wants to build Waterfront East LRT
  • Advance planning for North York-Scarborough extension of Line 4 Sheppard subway

How will they improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure?

  • Promises to ‘responsibly support’ enhancements to bike lanes, parking, bike sharing and safety features so cycling is safer and more convenient

Have they proposed plans to keep Torontonians safe through floods, heatwaves, and other climate change impacts?

  •  Create permanent Chief Resiliency Officer who coordinates efforts to ensure Toronto is prepared for extreme weather events
  • 24/7 warming and cooling centres for people experiencing homelessness
  • Enhance existing basement flooding subsidy program
  • Proposes Extreme Heat Preparedness Program to expand regular checks on vulnerable people during heat waves
  • Ensure vulnerable people have access to fans, AC, and/or cooling centres
  • Affordable housing plan and support for eviction prevention will increase resilience to extreme weather

How will they improve and maintain Toronto’s green spaces?

  • Increase Neighbourhood Shade Tree Program.
  • Boost Toronto’s shade tree canopy, starting with lower-income areas
  • Wants to add more than 17 acres of green spaces, including parkettes and playgrounds, as part of her housing plan.

Will they make polluters pay for stormwater reduction and flood-proofing projects?

  • Resiliency plan does not mention making polluters pay, stormwater charge, or changes to water billing

How will they support waste reduction and eliminating unnecessary single-use items?

  • Mentions need to ‘reinvest in city services like garbage pickup’ and pledges $10 million for enhanced litter bin clearance 
  • No plan provided to reduce litter and disposable items at their source
  • Promises to ‘review’ current plans for Gardiner east of Jarvis to the DVP to ensure costs are minimized while maintaining reliability
  • Opposes provincial plan for Ontario Place



Candidate website: mitzieformayor.ca/news/platform 

Toronto Star Survey

CBC News Analysis