Each candidate’s public commitments have been reviewed against TEA’s top platform priorities in our 3 key areas: climate action, climate resilience, and reducing waste. TEA’s 2023 mayoral election priorities can be found in full hereWe’ve focused our in-depth review on leading candidates, including Olivia Chow, Mark Saunders, Josh Matlow, Brad Bradford, Mitzie Hunter, Ana Bailao, and Anthony Furey. We’ve also included a few other notable candidates in a quicker review below.

Chloe Brown: https://chloebrown.ca/ 

Chloe Brown has previously run for Mayor of Toronto, notably finishing third in October’s election. Her platform is rooted in creating deeper community engagement in government, which is a critical step in addressing the climate crisis. Her major climate change proposal involves turning Ontario Place and the Ontario Science Centre into climate change research hubs to “support scientific research and economic development in areas such as renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, and sustainable transportation.” Her platform also takes a deeper dive into transportation planning, proposing a new Toronto Transportation Planning Authority, through which the city can create a more cohesive and coordinated transportation system, and invest in cycling, transit, and pedestrian infrastructure. 

Celina Caesar-Chavannes: https://www.celinaformayorto.com/

Celina Caesar-Chavannes is a former Whitby MP. Although she pledges not to increase property taxes above the rate of inflation, she also supports exploring other dedicated revenue tools such as a commercial parking levy. On climate change, she says “I will build on the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy and integrate current and future strategies and plans within the broader objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. At the nexus of global pandemics, calls for racial and social justice, climate change, and geopolitical issues that heighten the refugee crisis, lies the poorest and most vulnerable among us. We all have a role to play in building back better than we ever were before.” She also proposes positive steps to improve parks, committing to “work with current policy to ensure that parks, public, and third spaces not only have equitable access for all, but have the amenities (public water fountains and washrooms) that support their use.” In addition, she proposes investments in TTC staff and fare equity for transit-poor communities. 

Giorgio Mammoliti: https://www.giorgiointo.com/ 

Giorgio Mammoliti is a previous Toronto City Councillor and MPP. The most notable environmental element of his platform is his firm stance opposing bike lanes in Toronto, and his strong support of cars. These proposed actions would increase carbon emissions and air pollution, and jeopardize the safety of cyclists.

Anthony Perruzza: https://perruzza.ca/ 

Anthony Perruzza has been a City Councillor for 17 years. His transit promises are the most prominent environmental planks of his platform, pledging to freeze TTC fares and immediately build the Scarborough busway to replace the SRT. His commitment to freezing property taxes for 3 years would make funding ambitious climate and environmental action more difficult.