Each candidate’s public commitments have been reviewed against TEA’s top platform priorities in our 3 key areas: climate action, climate resilience, and reducing waste. TEA’s 2023 mayoral election priorities can be found in full here.



Have they committed to dedicated climate plan funding, to back up their climate action promises at budget time?

  • Committed to fully fund TransformTO, and promises to commit $200 million annually to climate action with commercial parking levy as dedicated funding source

Have they committed to green building programs that also create affordable housing?

  • Promises to use climate action funding to retrofit existing buildings in Toronto, and expand Tower Renewal program to encourage physical retrofits

Have they committed to a transition away from fossil gas?

  • Promises to mandate all new large residential and commercial construction runs off electric energy by 2028
  • Promises to retrofit existing buildings in Toronto, including switching buildings from fossil fuels to electric energy
  • Promises to electrify the city’s vehicle fleet
  • Promises to require all taxis and ride-sharing vehicles be electric by 2030
  • Promises to require EV charging stations in all new housing developments, on public lands, and at schools and libraries

What commitments have they made to improving TTC service?

  • Promises to restore TTC service to pre-pandemic levels
  • Promises to bring a TTC ridership growth strategy to improve service and lower fares
  • Promises to repurpose the separated corridor used by the Scarborough SRT for a rapid busway
  • Promises to electrify city’s vehicle fleet, including TTC buses

How will they improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure?

  • Pledges to build more pedestrian-friendly communities
  • Promises to connect Toronto’s bike lanes to make a “true city-wide network”
  • Pledges $33m investment in road safety: double spending on read improvements to make them safer for pedestrians and cyclists under Vision Zero initiative
  • Promises to invest in an integrated transportation network in Scarborough, including TTC improvements, trails, and bike paths

Have they proposed plans to keep Torontonians safe through floods, heatwaves, and other climate change impacts?

  • Commits to a housing plan and tenant support program which will increase resilience during extreme weather
  • Promises to enact a maximum temperature by-law of 26 Celsius in apartment units and allow windows in high-rises to open more than 10 cm

How will they improve and maintain Toronto’s green spaces?

  • Wants to boost investments in trails, playgrounds and parks, especially where new developments are being built
  • Will bring local mayors and Indigenous leaders to form Greenbelt Leaders council
  • Will work with federal government to safeguard farmland, forests, and water sources

Will they make polluters pay for stormwater reduction and flood-proofing projects?

  • Will reduce impermeable/heat-absorbing concrete surfaces with commercial parking levy

How will they support waste reduction and eliminating unnecessary single-use items?

  • No mention
  • Favours public park over spa at Ontario Place
  • Strongly opposes building elevated portion of Gardiner Expressway



Candidate website: https://www.votematlow.ca/ 

Toronto Star Survey

CBC News Analysis