Each candidate’s public commitments have been reviewed against TEA’s top platform priorities in our 3 key areas: climate action, climate resilience, and reducing waste. TEA’s 2023 mayoral election priorities can be found in full here.



Have they committed to dedicated climate plan funding, to back up their climate action promises at budget time?

  • Committed to ‘fully fund TransformTO’ 
  • Has committed in TTCRiders survey to "vote to implement an effective, equitable commercial parking levy as a dedicated new funding source for TTC operations" 
  • Has not promised to hold property taxes at/below inflation, therefore increased funding to fully implement TransformTO could also come from property taxes

Have they committed to green building programs that also create affordable housing?

  • Promises to ensure new City-built affordable housing is climate safe and ready for a net-zero future.
  • Commits to energy audits for public housing, prioritizing older multi-unit buildings for financing and electric heat pumps
  • Promises to build 25,000 new rent-controlled units, expand and protect affordable housing
  • Will bring back zero interest HELP loan program and other building retrofit programs
  • Promises to maintain the Toronto Green Standard for new buildings, improve building waste reduction standards in future versions, and push for it to apply to all buildings and major additions
  • Expand Toronto’s building retrofit programs, including the Hi-RIS and HELP programs to help homeowners and building owners reduce their emissions. 
  • Promises to work to ensure renters are protected from renovictions or rent increases related to green retrofits

Have they committed to a transition away from fossil gas?

  • Promises to work with Toronto Hydro to expand and build local renewable energy projects, electric battery storage, and building retrofits

What commitments have they made to improving TTC service?

  • Commits to reversing TTC service cuts
  • Promises to provide rapid transit busway to replace Scarborough RT
  • Promises to complete the loop in Scarborough with Eglinton East LRT

How will they improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure?

  • Promises to continue improvements to keep cyclists safe
  • Promises to expand access to cycling infrastructure and safer streets so it's easier to choose not to drive

Have they proposed plans to keep Torontonians safe through floods, heatwaves, and other climate change impacts?

  • Promises increased funding for 24/7 warming and cooling spaces
  • Commits to invest in stronger resiliency plans to make it safe for tenants during heatwaves, including notifications of cooling spaces through RentSafe, a “multi-phase plan” for maximum temperature limits in buildings
  • Promises to promote and increase uptake of Eco-Roof Incentive program for green roofs where communities face heat and flooding risks
  • Promises funding for rent supplements, and stabilizing housing

How will they improve and maintain Toronto’s green spaces?

  • Promises to build more splash pads and open them earlier in the summer

Will they make polluters pay for stormwater reduction and flood-proofing projects?

  • Committed to infrastructure improvements needed to better manage stormwater and prevent flooding
  • Does not mention making polluters pay, stormwater charge, or changes to water billing

How will they support waste reduction and eliminating unnecessary single-use items?

  • Promises to ensure all Torontonians can access to waste diversion programs, such as recycling and organic waste collection, no matter what kind of home or building they live in
  • Promises to introduce waste reduction programs as part of climate action
  • Won’t build Gardiner as an elevated expressway: committed to rebuilding this small section of the Gardiner as a ground-level boulevard instead that will still connect to the DVP
  • Commits to keeping Ontario Place ‘public’



Candidate website: https://www.oliviachow.ca/plan

Toronto Star Survey

CBC News Analysis