Each candidate’s public commitments have been reviewed against TEA’s top platform priorities in our 3 key areas: climate action, climate resilience, and reducing waste. TEA’s 2023 mayoral election priorities can be found in full here.



Have they committed to dedicated climate plan funding, to back up their climate action promises at budget time?

  • No dedicated funding source proposed
  • Promise to audit city’s books, “re-think spending priorities” and impose a hiring freeze on city “non-core services” staff indicates no additional funding to fully implement TransformTO, or potentially funding cuts resulting in further climate action delays

Have they committed to green building programs that also create affordable housing?

  • No mention of green buildings
  • Proposal to automatically approve housing applications after 6 months could jeopardize Toronto’s existing Green Standard, removing current pathway to reducing emissions in new buildings

Have they committed to a transition away from fossil gas?

  • No mention

What commitments have they made to improving TTC service?

  • Transit: would open King Street to car traffic, reducing TTC service levels in a key corridor 

How will they improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure?

  • Opposes bike lanes in general, "As Mayor, I will say no more bike lanes on major roads,"
  • Promises to remove existing bike lanes on University, close the Richmond and Adelaide bike lanes during Ontario Line construction



Have they proposed plans to keep Torontonians safe through floods, heatwaves, and other climate change impacts?

  • Parks plan focuses on removing encampments and pledges “more visible police presence in our public green spaces” which could jeopardize safety of residents during extreme weather events

How will they improve and maintain Toronto’s green spaces?

  • No plan to improve and maintain green spaces and/or parks infrastructure

Will they make polluters pay for stormwater reduction and flood-proofing projects?

  • No mention

How will they support waste reduction and eliminating unnecessary single-use items?

  • No mention
  • Promises to halt Ontario Science Centre move pending public consultation 
  • Promises to sue Metrolinx for handling of Eglinton Crosstown LRT
  • Opposes candidates who will “tear down Gardiner” indicating he supports plans for elevated portion



Candidate website: https://furey.ca/ 

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