On October 24th, pledge to vote for a greener city for all! 

Your vote matters. The next four years are a critical window to act on the climate emergency and create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable city. We need a City Council that will boldly act to reduce emissions, increase our collective climate resilience and eliminate harmful waste that pollutes our environment. 

Sign the voter pledge and commit to voting for a greener city for all on October 24th. 

  • By signing, you’ll be part of a groundswell of support showing how many voters want stronger environmental action.  
  • We’ll send you more information about the issues and the election - including which candidates have signed our candidate pledge and committed to act on priority issues. After the election, we’ll work together to hold our City Councillors and Mayors accountable to the commitments they made - so we can make Toronto a more sustainable, healthy and equitable city. 

Read the Greener City for All Platform for a more in-depth list of bold actions for City Council’s next term.