The Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) asked candidates to sign the Greener City for All candidate pledge and commit supporting priority actions on climate resilience, climate action, and a circular zero-waste economy. 


CLIMATE ACTION: To achieve Toronto’s 2025, 2030 and 2040 climate targets, our municipal leaders need to fully fund all actions in Toronto’s climate strategy and accelerate investments in affordable housing, transit, and good green jobs.

If elected, will you support:

  • Following through on Toronto’s climate emergency declaration commitment to secure dedicated, sustained and equitable climate funding by implementing new revenue tools to fund climate action?

CLIMATE RESILIENCE: To achieve Toronto’s resilience goals, our municipal leaders need to support communities - particularly those most affected - to prepare for and respond to climate change impacts, including heatwaves and flooding.

If elected, will you support:

  • A review and overhaul of Toronto’s heating and cooling bylaws for landlords to protect tenants from heatwaves, including setting a maximum safe temperature for rental units?
  • A fair stormwater charge that will make polluters pay for stormwater reduction and flood-proofing projects (such as green infrastructure and Ravine Strategy support)?

WASTE AND A CIRCULAR ECONOMY: We need ambitious action to make Toronto a zero waste city by reducing the disposables that pollute our environment and shifting towards reusable alternatives.

If elected, will you support:

  • Passing regulations to eliminate unnecessary single-use items and require a shift to reusable foodware in businesses and City facilities as part of the Single-Use Reduction Strategy?

THE PLEDGE: If elected, I commit to supporting all actions outlined above in the candidate pledge. I will work to make Toronto a greener, healthier, and more equitable city for all.

Read the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)’s full 2022 Greener City for All Platform to go in-depth on these issues.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance does not endorse candidates. This list of candidate pledges is one tool to track candidate commitments and help voters know where their candidates stand. To be included in this list, candidates were asked to complete the pledge by October 1st, 2022. 

TEA reserves the right to refrain from publishing commitments from candidates who have explicitly expressed views that promote hate or discrimination as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code.